Have you Been Missold Your Debt Movement Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA)?

Are you one of the thousands of people who has been sold a Debt Movement Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) which did not meet your requirements or was not suitable to your circumstances. Unfortunately, an arrangement that was designed to assist you has widely been found to have been missold. Find out if you are one of the clients that has been affected by taking our mis-selling test today!

Have you been mis-sold your Debt Movement IVA?

Having spoken to hundreds of IVA clients both past and present – we have identified a clear number of reason as to why you may have been mis-sold your arrangement – not just by Debt Movement, but a wide range of IVA providers or packagers.

What happens if you find I have been missold?

Using the information you provide within your mis-selling test, our experts will assess to viability of a claim, following which your case will be passed to our panel of lawyers who will begin create a report and issue proceedings on your behalf against your supervisor.

If I am successful is claiming, what can I expect?

Compensation will depend on your individual circumstances but if your IVA has been mis-sold we would expect to recover the fees paid to the IP for their services. We would also expect you to recover other monies that the IP has paid out but shouldn’t have.

Why Choose IVA Compensation?

Whilst the mis-selling of IVAs has taken place for years – the issue has remained difficult to resolve due to very little supervision or regulatory intervention. Insolvency Compensation are at the forefront of assessing the viability of a mis-sold IVA case.

IVAs: Britains next mis-selling scandal?

(This video was made by an independent journalist)